Picos de Europa Grand Tour

Day 1:  The Covadonga Lakes – The Ruta de las Majadas

12 km      400 m    400 m

Meet up in Cangas de Onis at 9:30am.  A majada is a high mountain meadow, where cattle, horses, sheep and other animals are put out to pasture during the mild summer months. Starting from Lake Enol in the Eastern Massif of the Picos de Europa, the route heads up through many beautiful Majadas to the Vega de Ario, for a picnic lunch.  The route continues via the Belbin Majada, famous for manufacturing Gamoneu cheese and returns to Lake Enol.  Evening meal and overnight stay in Cangas de Onis.

Day 2:  The Cares Gorge

13 km      250 m    150 m

The Cares Gorge, with its narrow passes and gullies, is right in the heart of the Picos de Europa mountains. Trekking this route is an unique experience; the trail is narrow, surrounded by wild vegetation and with water ever-present. Now and again the path goes through small tunnels carved through the rock and across bridges that hang over the abyss. All the while, rocky mountainside towers up on either side of the trail. On the way back to Boca de Huérgano there is a stop to visit the Riaño reservoir, and the option to take a boat trip.  Evening meal and overnight stay in Boca de Huégano.

Day 3:  The Montes de Carande. Valdecolina and Pelencinos Beech Forests

11 km      350 m    350 m

Breakfast.  The mountains of Riaño and Mampodre are a relatively unvisited area of the Picos de Europa region. This route through the Montes de Carande passes through one of the largest deciduous forests in León.  From Carande, the route continues to the beautiful Valdecolina and Pelencinos beech forests, frequented by wolves, bear, deer and red squirrels.  The drive back to Potes is over the beautiful Puerto de San Glorio pass. There is a break in the journey to visit a small distillery where they make Orujo de Potes .  Evening meal and overnight stay in Espinama.

Day 4: Fuente Dé and the Áliva Glacier Valley

14 km      150 m    950 m

Breakfast. The trip begins with a ride in  Fuente Dé cable car which climbs up 800 metres to the top of the Áliva glacial valley.  From there the day’s walk is along this spectacular valley which divides the Central and Eastern massifs of the Picos de Europa and back down to Espinama. Evening meal and overnight stay in Arenas de Cabrales.

Day 5:  Panoramic Views of the Naranjo de Bulnes

10 km      200 m    530 m

Breakfast. Starting from Sotres, this route is along a relatively unknown path, which offers spectacular views of the Central massif and the iconic Naranjo de Bulnes.  Farewell lunch and back to Cangas de Onis where the expedition finishes.

Dates and Prices

1-5 AprilDouble Room – 475€Single Room – 555€
11-15 JulyDouble Room – 495€Single Room – 565€
18-22 JulyDouble Room – 535€Single Room – 625€

25-29 July

Double Room – 535€Single Room – 625€
1-5 AugustDouble Room – 535€Single Room – 625€
22-26 AugustDouble Room – 535€Single Room – 625€
5-9 SeptemberDouble Room – 495€Single Room – 565€
19-23 SeptemberDouble Room – 495€Single Room – 565€

If there are more than 4 of you booking, you can choose your own dates.


  • The 5 guided walks outlined in the itinerary.
  • 4 x accommodation
  • 4 x breakfasts
  • 4 x evening meals
  • Luggage transport and support vehicle throughout the trip.
  • Fuente Dé cable car ticket
  • Tasting visit to the Orujo distillery
  • Local taxes and insurance

Not included

  • Lunches.

Picnic lunches can be bought the day before from local shops or from your hotel. For any non-picnic lunches there are many wonderful bars and restaurants offering local and international dishes. The average cost of a lunch varies between about 10 and 25 Euros.

Level 1

All the routes are aimed at walkers wanting to enjoy relatively easy walks through spectacular mountain landscapes.  The pace is calm and relaxed with frequent stops.

The length of the routes is between 10 and 15 kilometres with no more than 300 metres of height gain.