The Picos de Europa for Groups

** Don’t forget that this trip includes three meals a day and all your accommodation!

Day 1:  Arrival

Meet up with the tour leader in Llanes, a beautiful fishing village on the Asturian coast. 

Day 2:  Canyoning and Surfing/SUP

Canyoning: descending a limestone river gorge which has been forged by melt water flowing down from the high peaks. This activity takes you, dressed in thick warm and protective wetsuits, into natural pools, water chutes and jumps, all in beautiful natural surroundings. In the afternoon, Surfing or SUP:  Northern Spain, and the area around Llanes in particular, has some of the best surfing beaches in Europe. If the waves are too small to surf, this activity will be replaced by stand-up paddleboarding.

Day 3:  Canoeing

Canoeing on the beautiful Rio Cares.  Then transfer to Sotres, which at 1000m is the highest village in the Picos de Europa national park. 

Day 4: The Aliva Glacier Valley

The spectacular Aliva Glacier Valley is also part of the GR-202 long-distance footpath, the Ruta de la Reconquista. The route starts in Sotres, dropping down to a collection of red-roofed shepherd huts known as the Vegas del Toro, the area is surrounded by grassland with many free-roaming cows, goats and sheep. It then starts to ascend following the Duje River, which divides the Central and Eastern Massifs and crosses the border between Asturias and Cantabria. From here it continues along the top of the lateral moraine of the long disappeared Aliva glaciers to the Aliva Mountain Refuge, which has superb views of the glacier valley and the massive peaks of Peña Vieja and Peña Olvidada towering above. 

Day 5:  Summit of the Horcados Rojos and the Cabaña Veronica Refuge

This day’s route leads from the Aliva Mountain Refuge to Horcados Rojos, above the majestic Fuente Dé glacial cirque. The summit of Horcados Rojos (2,503 m) is a magnificent peak in the Central Massif, accessible by its NW side. Along the way, it passes through the alpine mountain environment of the Picos de Europa. On the way back, there is a stop off at Cabaña Veronica mountain refuge, which was constructed using the anti aircraft emplacement of an US aircraft carrier, the USS Palau. From there the route continues to El Cable where you will descend in the cable car to Fuente Dé. Transfer to Caín. 

Day 6:  The Cares Gorge Trail

The Cares Gorge, with its narrow passes and gullies, is right in the heart of the Picos de Europa mountains. The area’s stunning landscape affords unique views of the National Park. Trekking this route is a unique experience; the trail is narrow, surrounded by wild vegetation and with water ever-present. The river flows along the valley-floor, its sound a constant companion. Now and again the path takes you through small tunnels carved through the rock and across bridges that hang over the abyss. All the while, rocky mountainside towers up on either side of the trail. The trail runs between Caín, in Leon and Poncebos, in Asturias. It follows the course of the Cares river, the region’s wildest and most beautiful river, covering 12 kilometers over easy terrain. 

** Don’t forget that this trip includes three meals a day and all your accommodation!


890 € per person (based on travelling from June to August)

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